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Avast! Free Antivirus  8.0.1497 (avast! overhauled for Windows 8)

Avast! Free Antivirus  at last makes a big appearance a form that is enhanced for Windows 8. While the provision doesn't work as a Modern UI application, it takes outline prompts from the working framework. There are a lot of overhauls that make Avast! Free Antivirus  one of the best free antivirus suites.


Avast! Free Antivirus  is stacked with huge amounts of characteristics. From the home tab you can pick up brisk access to your framework status, infection filter, programming updater, details, and the business. Characteristics like the firewall and Safezone oblige a premium membership.

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The product updater that is incorporated with Avast! Free Antivirus  cautions clients about old fashioned provisions that are introduced however just offers a connection to the system page to download the most recent overhaul. Paying for a premium membership will permit you to overhaul your applications inside the requisition. There's even a choice to redesign naturally in the paid renditions of Avast!

Avast Antivirus Free Download

Avast! Free Antivirus  offers more than simply infection security. The requisition additionally incorporates "cloud administrations," which accumulates data from other Avast! clients to look at the notoriety of comparative records. These overhauls are always streamed to and from Avast! so clients don't need to stress over downloading upgrades.

New to Avast! Free Antivirus  is the Market where you can buy extra characteristics and administrations. The application itself is great at reminding clients what number of characteristics is missing so the Market makes it much all the more enticing to overhaul. Buys might be made straightforwardly inside the requisition.

Ease of use

Utilizing Avast! Free Antivirus is exceptionally direct. Characteristics and areas of the provision are obviously checked with short illustrations about what each one characteristic does.

Like with numerous different antivirus requisitions, the measure of choices and characteristics is a touch of overpowering. There are symbols in the Security tab that are plainly stamped with a green status light showing everything is acting as it ought to. This makes it simple to see what parts of the provision oblige client activity.

Generally, Avast! Free Antivirus is a requisition that you can design and disregard. The project will show a popup if anything needs your movement.


Avast! Free Antivirus  is generally composed with huge amounts of characteristics. While its not as basic as it could be, it works well and is totally free. It's decent that Avast! Free Antivirus  doesn't incorporate an irritating device bar, however it does introduce a web broadening to screen noxious connections while you're searching.

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While Avast! Free Antivirus exceeds expectations as an antivirus provision; it doesn't do much in the method for being an one-stop-search for all your machine upkeep needs. Different applications like I Obit's Advanced System mind with Antivirus offer more characteristics that will verify your PC is running its speediest.

Sweeps were performed rapidly not the best we've seen. This truly relies on upon your equipment and what number of documents you have on your PC.


At the end of the day, its not difficult to see what Avast! Free Antivirus stays at the highest point of our download diagrams. The measure of characteristics that free clients have admittance to is astonishing. While its irritating that the application pesters you to move up to a paid membership, its a little cost to pay for an overall composed antivirus result that is totally free. Right away if Avast! could incorporate some machine maintence characteristics.

What's new

           Software Health module

           Browser Cleanup apparatus

           New User Interface

           Compatible with Windows 8

           advanced Privacy Tools (avast! Head just)

           access anywhere (avast! Head just)

           improved Auto sandbox/sandbox innovation

           improved General AV execution and solidness


           Windows 8 motivated interface
           Tons of characteristics
           avast! Cloud administrations
           Upgrades could be acquired inside the application


           Plenty of helps to remember missing characteristics
           No PC support characteristics
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