UC Browser 9.8.0 (Android Apps) free Download from Android Zone

UC Browser 9.8.0 (Android Apps) free Download from Android Zone

Hit and miss browser for Android

UC Browser is a quick, sleek internet browser for your Android phone.

There are practically more browsers for Android phones than there are phone models themselves, but if you still haven’t found the one for you, check out UC Browser.

What it brings to the table

UC Browser has a number of features that help it stand out. For a start, the home page has a selection of quick-access links, helpfully divided into topic areas, like Entertainment and UC's own recommendations.
It goes without saying that there's also tabbed browsing, and plenty of tab management options. It's also got a nice window browse function, and a bunch of options that display clearly when your hit the Menu key.
UC Browser also has a number of features that other browsers don’t – namely a night mode and share by SMS/Whatsapp. Even so, it doesn’t have any quick features for sharing by other, more common means, like Twitter or Facebook.

How does UC Browser look?

Unfortunately, UC Browser’s main problem is the display - it’s plain ugly. Ok, so it’s clear and easy to read, but webpages viewed with the app look like something from 1993 – at first, I thought we had a connection problem!
I also had issues displaying video while using UC Browser, but couldn’t tell from the developer’s website which video formats are supposed to be supported.

What's new

- Optimized Menu
Simplified to let you quickly find the functions you need.
- Smart Website Search
Automatically predicts the site URL when you type its keyword in the search bar.
- Storage Space Reminder
Displays your phone's available storage while downloading.
- Smoother Browsing
Enjoy a smoother and more seamless web experience.
- Less Memory Usage
More efficient memory usage gives you a more stable browsing experience.


UC Browser is a mixed bag – strong in areas, and weak in others.


Clicking download will bring you to the Google Play Store, from where you can download and install the app.
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Download manager
  • Free and fast
  • Doesn't seem to support video
  • Ugly display

UC Mobile Browser is a quick, sleek web browser for your Android phone.

UC Browser for Android provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience. It's a totally free app. Adaptable configuration helps you adjust your way of browsing under different network connections, allowing you to reduce data costs and speed up page loading with compression. Android 4.3 is supported in the newest version.
Reviews from users:"Best browser I've used in a while. I've tried dolphin, chrome, Firefox, boat browser, opera mini and many others and I could never find one that satisfied like dolphin used before its incredible performance slowdown. But now this browser is even better than dolphin was, currently loving it on HTC Rezound"
New Features:
1: Add-on Platform:Add or remove different add-ons to get most personalized browsing experience


UC Browser free download

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